Office FINTRAC Policy

Royal LePage First Contact Realty Brokerage FINTRAC Policy

The Compliance Officer for our Brokerage is Barbara Frueh, Broker of Record

No cash deposit is to be accepted on any real estate transaction.

No listing will be posted onto an MLS® system unless the proper identification record has been completed fully and submitted to the office.

Besides completing every identification record, our policy is that a copy of an original photo ID is to be obtained from every client who is identified.

No commission will be paid to any salesperson or broker unless all FINTRAC documentation, including client identification and receipt of funds record, if applicable, have been fully completed and submitted to the office.

If a client or Business Relationship is identified as being high risk, then this must be immediately reported to the Compliance Officer to determine whether additional ongoing monitoring measures must be undertaken.

If anyone is aware of any suspicious transaction or attempted suspicious transaction, at any time during the course of a real estate transaction, it is to be reported immediately to the Compliance Officer.

All forms will be held by the brokerage for 5 years.

FINTRAC Compliance Regime

FINTRAC Risk Assessment

Link to Office FINTRAC Policy Test

Please click on the link below to complete our  FINTRAC test.

For answers to the questions please contract our Compliance Officer Barbara Frueh, Broker of Record.

Thank you.

Fintrac Test Link

FINTRAC Forms You may be asked to Sign

Here are links to the FINTRAC Forms that may we may be required to complete for the purchase or sale of a property in Ontario.

Individual Identification Information Record

Corporation Entity Identification Information Record

Indentification Mandatary Agent Agreement

Receipt of Funds Record